Advocates: Tim Firth

Bernard Farrell is an Irish dramatist who has worked extensively on stage, m screen and radio. His first play, I Do Not Like Thee, Doctor Fell is probably his best known work.


"Alan’s main strength as a director of new work is that he can give notes as a director rather than as a writer. He can differentiate ‘this is what the play needs’ from ‘this is how I would have written it’."

Alan Ayckbourn's advice which has stayed with Tim.
"Write. Write for theatre. Write what makes you laugh. Write comedy that isn’t about jokes. Write about people you care about even if you hate them. Write quickly, plan slowly. Write rather than preach. Write rather than lecture. Write plays that entice people off a beach. Write plays that people who don’t go to the theatre would want to see. But above all, write."
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