Advocates: Robin Herford

Robin Herford is a director and actor. He is one of the most prolific actors with regard to world premieres of Ayckbourn's work and most notably was in the world and West End premieres of Intimate Exchanges; which required him and Lavinia Bertram to memorise more than 16 hours of dialogue for a two hander play with 16 potential endings. As a director he found fame as the director of the world and West End premieres of The Woman In Black - which he has directed around the world - and he is regarded as one of the finest directors of Alan Ayckbourn's plays.


"Scarborough was the making of me. It shaped me totally. Alan showed enormous faith in me as a director and when I became his associate director he said 'there'll always be a part for you in my plays'. Any skills I have as a director comes from working with Alan and watching the extraordinary way he handles actors."

"Alan Ayckbourn encouraged me to become a director, and provided me not only with an example of how it might be done, but also gave me the space in which to discover how to do it for myself and by myself."
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