Advocates: Bob Peck (1945 - 1999)

Bob Peck was an acclaimed stage and screen actor who credited Alan Ayckbourn with giving him his first major break into professional acting. He worked with Alan at his home theatre in Scarborough as we'll as at the National Theatre as well as working with the RSC.


"He suggested I should have a go at being a professional actor."

"It is 12 years since I worked with Alan and when I read
A Chorus Of Disapproval I was fairly convinced it was about me. It was so close to home. It is very reminiscent of the things that happened to me as an amateur - the social embarrassments and taking over parts at short notice. Alan must have been aware of all the experiences but he denied that it entered his mind."

"Alan has a very realistic observation of the way people wander sexually, either actually or in their own heads. It is a very objective view of people. Like Chekhov he also has the ability to see humour in these situations. And the sadness, too. One of the things people say about
A Chorus Of Disapproval is: 'Is it a comedy?' because towards the end it becomes unbearably sad."
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