Advocates: Simon Murgatroyd

Simon Murgatroyd is Alan Ayckbourn's Archivist and is responsible for creating, writing and administering the playwright's official website.


"It's practically a moot point how good a playwright and director Alan Ayckbourn is. But less well known is just how good an Artistic Director he was. He speaks frequently of how Stephen Joseph told him that all a director has to do in the rehearsal room is to create an environment where actors feel safe to create. I believe he took that advice and also applied it to the theatre at large when he was the Artistic Director of the Stephen Joseph Theatre. He created a supportive and positive environment which encouraged the company to be passionate about the theatre, to support each other and to aim high. This not only made the Stephen Joseph Theatre an inspirational place to work, it inspired a huge loyalty and affection for Alan. Whilst Artistic Director, he also had an incredible knack for drawing out skills and talents of the people around him - frequently when they didn't even realise they possessed such talents! It has been my greatest privilege to work for Alan both at the Stephen Joseph Theatre and, later, as his Archivist."

"Alan Ayckbourn is an inspiration to me. Initially as a writer and director and then later as someone who showed great confidence and trust in me and who saw potential in me that I didn't even know I possessed."
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