Advocates: Kara Tointon

Kara Tointon is an actress who found fame in the British soap opera EastEnders. Her stage work includes West End revivals of Alan Ayckbourn's How The Other Half Loves and Relatively Speaking.


"I've learnt that with Ayckbourn, if you play it for comedy it doesn't work; but if you play it for truth, it's funny."

"Ayckbourn sows these seeds early on and the pay-off may not come for ages but, because his timing is so great, when it comes it's incredibly funny."

"I think my most nerve-wracking moment ever was when I was doing
Absent Friends and Alan Ayckbourn came to our first run. We weren't really ready but he was so helpful and gave us all pointers. He came to see Relatively Speaking in Newcastle and once again was very positive. It's such a relief when you discover the writer's happy - at least you know you won't be sacked!"
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