Advocates: Janie Dee

Janie Dee is an Olivier Award winning actress who has worked extensively with Alan Ayckbourn in Scarborough and London. She has appeared in the world, West End and New York premieres of his work including Comic Potential, House & Garden and Woman In Mind. For her role of Jacie Triplethree in Comic Potential she notably won the Olivier, Evening Standard for Critics' Circle Awards for Best Actress.


"I used to show my bottom to the stage manager as a joke. Alan caught it once. He is a bit like C S Lewis. He can write fantastic letters, very intimate and warm and jokey. But when you're next to him his physical awkwardness is palpable. He wants to be at a distance so that he can observe. Anyway, this bottom thing upset him but made him laugh as well. So he put it in Comic Potential."

“I love Alan and I want to work with him as much as I can. He’s brilliant,”

“The excruciating situations that he [Ayckbourn] builds are real but somehow become theatrical as well. So that although you’re playing comedy, you have to be rooted in the seriousness of what is really going on.”

“These guys [Sir Peter Hall and Sir Alan Ayckbourn] have been in this business for this long and they’ve created so much, and the passion behind it is so huge, they have an awful lot to teach, and I am somebody who wants to learn, and I will continue to want to learn, if that’s possible. I would like to keep going ‘tell me more’ because you can never really become perfect.”
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