Advocates: Peggy Ramsay (1908 - 1991)

Margaret 'Peggy' Ramsay was a renowned literary agent. She represented many of the most influential and notable playwrights of the second half of the 20th century including J.B. Priestley and David Hare. She became Alan's agent in 1962 and was a great supporter of his work and writing.


"Alan has got a little bit more assurance, I suppose, but I cannot think of anybody this kind of success has affected less. He does not seem to have changed in any way. He is utterly unconcerned about money. He never asks about it. He loves work. He loves making people laugh. And he feels a tremendous responsibility towards that theatre in Scarborough. Every year he worries about what he is going to write for the company there. He enjoys working in a little rep knowing that he has got to entertain all the summer. He would be doing that if there were no success in the West End. Scarborough is much more important to him than anything in the bank. The trouble about people who become successful is that so often they get cut off from their roots."
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