Advocates: John Strickland

John Strickland is an actor who worked extensively with Alan Ayckbourn at the Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round during the 1980s. He notably originated the role of Douglas in Man Of The Moment and Henry Bell in The Revengers' Comedies.


"Alan is undoubtedly the best director I’ve ever had the chance to work with. If he was directing in a shed in the Shetland Isles I would go and work with him."

"I think Alan’s major strength is he really does allow you to find your own way as an actor, but knowing that he’s always there to hold you up when you fall. There’s no sense of arriving and him saying, ‘this is how it’s going to be, you will do it that way.’ You always feel right up until the first night, that you have made all the decisions. And that he has very cleverly steered you away from making the wrong decisions. I think he’s very interested in actors realising his ideas as a director."
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