Advocates: Michael Cashman

Michael Cashman (the Rt Hon. The Lord Cashman CBE) is a British politician and former actor, who worked with Alan Ayckbourn at his home theatre in Scarborough early in his career. He found fame in the BBC television soap opera EastEnders as the first major gay character in a British soap. Since 2014, he has been the Labour Party's special envoy on LGBT issues worldwide for which he has campaigned extensively throughout his life.


"Thank you for helping to change so many lives, including my own."

"Alan brought out the best in me - and sometimes the worst acting in the rehearsal room - and encouraged me to take risks, teaching me a creative lesson which I have carried with me ever since, that ‘less is always better’: don’t emote for your audience but bring them and their emotions into you."

"During rehearsals he asked me: “Cash, what’s more moving, a person crying or a person trying not to cry? What’s funnier, a person laughing or a person trying not to laugh?” Succinctly brilliant."
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