Advocates: J. Michael Straczynski

Joseph Michael Straczynski is an American screenwriter, producer, director and writer. He is most famous for creating the television series Babylon 5 as well as his writing or Marvel and DC comics.


"Alan Ayckbourn did a great series of plays called The Norman Conquests. One play is set in the dining Rooney one in the living room and one in the garden. They take the same amount of time on the same evening [weekend] and you see it on different nights and you see the events from different points of view. The guy walks in from the garden, dishevelled, and says he fell down, and you found out the next night he was pelted for being fresh. I wanted to do similar things with this [Babylon 5]. You've seen one side of what that story is, not seen what happened over here."

"The best point of comparison [with his comic book Resistance] would be to a series of three plays by Alan Ayckbourn, The Norman Conquests. The plays take place in the same house, with the same characters, over the same three days. One play is set in the dining room, another in the living room, the third in the garden. Events seen in one instalment reflect, refract or absolutely change the way you saw those same events in another instalment. You can see any one of the plays and get a full, satisfying story, but if you see all three, a much more interesting meta-story begins to emerge. That's how we're approaching this universe."
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