Advocates: Antony Eden

Antony Eden is an award-winning actor known for his work on stage and as the Associate Director of The Woman in Black.


The following is Antony Eden's speech when he received the 2023 UK Theatre Award for Best Supporting Performance in Alan Ayckbourn's Family Album.
"Thanks for this. Im sorry I can’t be here today but I am sadly, actually smugly, on my honeymoon. A quietly wise man once said it was a grave mistake to think theatre was better just because it happened in London. That has always rung true for me because we are lucky enough in this country to have a thirst for theatre in our bones. Regional theatre doesn’t need to rely on the celebrity zoo in the way London does and so the best theatre that this country has to offer is the true ensemble driven theatre to be found regionally. The Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough is a shining example of excellence in that regard. In my opinion the most important theatre for new writing in the country and I’d like to thank Paul and Caroline at the SJT for keeping that fire burning; my agent James Ireson at Narrow Road for constantly fighting the good fight and of course, that quietly wise man whom after being inspired by his words and his plays, I’ve been lucky enough to work with. I am deeply grateful for the generous-spirited, actor-driven, audience-focused plays he has written and continues to write and direct. Thank you Sir Alan Ayckbourn."
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