Advocates: J W Lambert

J.W. Lambert was a former literary editor of the Sunday Times, a broadcaster and editor of books with a particular interest in contemporary drama. As well as editing several volumes of Penguin’s New English Dramatists, Lambert was also a Saki aficionado and edited selections of his short stories.


"It's the combination, of course, of the craft, the skill, the understanding of human nature and the cruel, sometimes, - think of the end, the dance of death at the end of Absurd Person Singular - the cruel analysis of a particularly arid area of middle-class English life, the petty bourgeoisie and the little bit above. That is a quality which gives his plays their enormous strength and, incidentally, their enormous appeal. Comedy is the highest form of narrative art which gives us the widest understanding of human nature, and Ayckbourn is a master of comedy."
(Arena, 1975)
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